I support others to call in the self love they've always deserved.


Visual messages for the soul. Galactic art can be created after (and inspired by) a session, or as an independent intuitive work. It can be of sketch quality, or can be fully colorized. Energize your soul through your eyes! Click here for more info.


Work with Caleb through Shamanic rituals and healing modalities to release toxic energy, limited beliefs, unhealthy patterns, addictions, clear ancestral Karma, and heal deep soul wounds so that you may experience your highest expressions of personal empowerment, Health, Joy, Freedom, Abundance, and Fulfillment. Click here for more info.


Bathe in frequencies designed specifically for transformation. All love transmissions to enter through your ears. Without intelligible language, this music can be hugely beneficial to listen to while working or going through your creative process. Click here for more info.


Let's find out what those I've worked with in the past had to say...

I have had the good fortune in this lifetime to meet Caleb and I mean that quite sincerely. From the moment I met him I could immediately feel his amplified energy. When I had the opportunity to receive an energy session from him I was truly blown away. As a channeler, I am extremely selective about those that I allow to work on me energetically or physically and I intuitively knew that I would be blessed by the interaction with Caleb. In addition to feeling, and psychically experiencing all sorts of wonderful phenomena during the session, the biggest impact for me was that I felt a profound opening of my heart chakra during the session which had a direct impact on a personal relationship of mine - a block that I had been experiencing in a relationship was literally gone after the session and I was able to see with eyes anew. I HIGHLY recommend Caleb's healing treatments. Highly, Highly recommend.

Nicole Gans Singer

It is difficult to put into words the life changing impact Caleb has had on us. My boyfriend has has great struggle with addiction and a year ago he relapsed and seemed to hit “rock bottom.” Neither family nor friends could help. Then a miracle happened...Caleb Guided my boyfriend through a supportive, nurturing and nonjudgmental spiritual journey, Caleb’s trustworthy presence provided my boyfriend (and myself) with a sense of security that we had never experienced before. Through their journey together, Caleb was able to access spirits and create a dialogue between my boyfriend and special people who had passed on. This surreal experience brought my boyfriend closure and much needed healing. Thanks to Caleb’s compassion and healing energies our lives are in a better place. My boyfriend and I are forever blessed for having Caleb in our lives and I cannot thank him enough for his healing powers. We are forever grateful. .


In the time prior to my session with Caleb I was moving through feelings of being alone, and with a lack of trust in my own guidance. In working with Caleb, I opened myself to an experience that took my soul and body on a journey of healing that brought up painful subconscious beliefs that were living deep down in my body and brought them up to the surface to be welcomed by the warmth of my awareness. We made space for a new me to emerge; I felt invigorated and empowered to shine my light upon the world with Joy there on. Since then, I've been integrating all that was recovered and still am reaping benefits from this sacred time spent together. I recognize now that when I chose to be supported by Caleb in my healing process, I said Yes to the most catalyzing event that has helped me tap into my path as a healer, his support was the spark that helped me fan the divine flame within, and for that I am forever grateful. I have the utmost reverence for the care and dedication he has to service the highest good of all his clients. I highly recommend Caleb's assistance to anyone looking to create powerful shifts in their life.




Caleb has always been drawn to the Healing Arts, and began his studies at Florida School of Massage in 2008. More recently, he has been trained in Shamanic Energy Medicine through the Four WInds Society, where he learned about the ancient wisdom and Medicine of the Q'ero lineage in the Andes. He became a full mesa carrier in November, 2013. Additionally, Caleb has developed Galactic Healing abilities. He channels Light Language in forms of art symbols, hand mudras, Chants, Tones, and Medicine Songs. As an Empath, Caleb is able to connect deeply with others. This intuitively leads him to track stagnant, heavy energy, emotional pain, and physical imbalances. Through Ancient Shamanic alchemy and Galactic Healing, these wounds can be transmuted into power! Caleb has embodied the archetype of the wounded healer, and through is own profound healing transformation, he has discovered his life purpose, which is to support others as they too, courageously move through their wounds and into greater wellness. Caleb is a transgender/two-spirit Shaman and is a passionate ally for the LGBTQ Communities. He strives to create a safe space for everyone! It is his greatest joy to be of service.


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"A Galactic Shaman is one who experiences Earth, the Solar System and the Galaxy, as All existing within. This is a state of awareness that allows one to feel and live in an expanded (galactic) reality. This reality permeates and interpenetrates this dimension and encompasses the dimensional realms where matter exists in a state of (sub-atomic) potential. The Galactic Shaman is an archetype for ‘Consciousness’ made manifest, or ‘Consciousness’ transforming from "form" back to energy. Their purpose is to provide an alchemical anchor…assisting and enabling humanity and the Universe in the evolutionary process of constant transformation of Soul Consciousness in the physical/non-physical realms. " -Elizabeth Elon Omera